ritchieI am a blog­ger and online con­sul­tant, but nei­ther a lawyer nor a finan­cial expert. Any kind of legal or finan­i­cal advice I might be giv­ing on this blog is solely the result of my per­sonal expe­ri­ences. Always do con­sult an expert before mak­ing my rants and raves the foun­da­tion of your decisions.

Just to be on the safe (and real­ist) side you should fur­ther­more assume that there is an ulte­rior motiv behind each and any out­go­ing link I put on this site — and that I, in some way or another, will ben­e­fit from it. It’s gen­er­ally a good idea to ques­tion *every­thing*. Gather infor­ma­tion from var­i­ous sources, come up with your own ideas, thoughts and opin­ions. And please, don’t be ridicu­lous and trust some st00pid geeky blog­ger you’ve not even met yet.

~ritchie pet­tauer aka datadirt~