Did you ever won­der how to adver­tize suc­ces­fully in the social web?

Have you ever asked your­self how you could har­ness the power of Twit­ter, Face­book and other social net­works for your company?

Do you need help with your Google Result Search Pages and/or an SEO strategy?

Then I might just be the right con­sul­tant for you, espe­cially if you are plan­ning to expand your busi­ness to Europe.

Social mar­ket­ing trends

Social mar­ket­ing is the newest addi­tion to the arse­nal of any mar­ke­teer inter­ested in effec­tive cam­paign­ing. But there are only few peo­ple expe­ri­enced in the ways of web 2.0 — it’s just too new! I author one of the largest Ger­man lan­guage blogs (datenschmutz.net) and began pub­lish­ing home­page in 1997. My blog is a com­bined reasearch/PR facil­ity, which means: I exper­i­ment a lot, try every­thing out and pass the best strate­gies on to my customers.

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