Dynamite Rewinds

Joni Rewind, the former DJ for Hamburgs rapper Samy Deluxe, has always loved to add dancehall spices to his funky hip hop stew. On his first solo album he continues this tradition, for Jahs sake.

“Welcome to the World of Joni Rewind is meant to be a straight hip-hop album. My definition of hip-hop, ” Joni says. “To me, Junior Reid on dubplate is way more hip-hop than Nelly, who raps with a pop group.” All right… but still, why put Capleton and a remake of “Uptown Top Rankin” on a typical hip-hop release? The answers: For stylin. For having block parties. For freakin out to killa tunes inna Hamburg-London-Kingston stylee.

Joni Rewind aka DJ Dynamite aka Peer Fekt is in search of the groove, no matter what name he goes by. He likes the raw, groovy, bouncing stuff. “Straight from the street but phat,” as Joni puts it. Producing phat tracks is what Mr. Rewind is really into. By the way, his last name refers to the technique of rewinding, since dancehall DJs (selectors) rewind the record and play it all over again when the crowd loves the tune (If a tunes nice, we play it twice, they say).

“I view myself as a producer. Building tracks is fascinating work to me. A DJ knows his records, develops a feel for music and practices his skills, whereas a producer creates the music. These two things go hand in hand, of course. I create my tracks in a way that makes them ideal for DJs to mix.”
So why is it that Jonis solo debut is so intense, so raw and refreshing? Because this young man is very concerned with music making. “As a DJ, I collect records and have some expertise in that area. As a producer, when I get in the studio with Rodney P or Smiff n Wessun, I will make a contribution to music history, so I dont want it to be a bad one. ” In order to keep it all cool, Joni relies on his own energy.
“I find myself with a lot more work than necessary because Ive chosen to work without label support. This means cultivating contacts with people and traveling… and thats how friendships develop.” Ideally, the artists work really well in the studio and the vibes are there, no matter where on earth the studio is located. So Jonis first album was created while traveling: At Junior Reids One Blood Studio in Jamaica, at Pilatuspool Studios in Hamburg, at D&D in New York…
“Welcome to the World of Joni Rewind” is not a German hip-hop album. Nor is it a Jamaican dancehall production. Nor is it a New York rap album. It blends many styles but has only two characteristic “modes”. The first is party mode.
Easy flowing beats and hook lines so spiky they hit you like darts in the bulls eye: Tracks like “Madness” featuring British rap wiz Blak Twang or “Nuff a dem Bling” featuring Merciless will set the dancefloor on fire. How handy that DJ DSL happens to be virtually Jonis neighbor in Hamburg…

The second mode is Jonis work mode. He accurately tailors the tunes to suit the rappers and singers he works with. “Often, I have a certain idea about how a tune should take shape. Like I had with Capleton. This melody came to my mind, so I described my idea to him, which then turned out to be very close to his.” Whether Joni features British singer Estelle with “Uptown Top Rankin”, Jahmeek with “Upright” or Jahmali and Kulcha Nox with “Rollin”, his work distinguishes him so much from soulless mainstream producers that even DJ Tomekk would get jealous.

“When I work with rappers in the studio, I want them to express their experience and soul through their voice. Some collabo tracks seem like postcards from abroad. To me, personal contact is most important.”

And this amazingly simple concept pays off! Other producers albums may often sound like various artists releases, but despite its diversity of styles, the world of Joni Rewind comes real smooth. Step into his world and listen.