Quiz Result: I’m a Twitter bad ass!

Not that wasn’t aware of this, but now it’s official: I’m Twitter bad ass, says SEM-Group.net’s Which type of Twitter user are you? quiz I found via SEOSmarty:

Learn Which Type of Twitter User You Are

datadirt’s Result: Twitter Bad Ass
You Tweet like a bluejay on crack! You spend hours upon hours each day/week
finding quality content and relevant news to tweet to your followers. You have a reputation for tweeting quality content and along with this comes a small cult
following that thanks you. Excellent job you “Twitter bad ass”!

Twitter bad ass

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Will the iPad blend?

Blendtec’s blenders cost a little fortune, but we’re more than willing to spend an extra marketing dollar for all the great “Will it blend?” series videos those folks keep delivering. They blended hockey pucks, a laser pointers, Money clips – and above all plenty of Apple products. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone (both 1st edition and 3G) and the iPod, this time the newest geek-gadget aka the iPad undergoes the crush-test. Of course it won’t withstand:

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foursquare.com + formspring.me = fourspring.me

I admit: this equation does indeed have more than one solution – the result could just as well have been formsquare.com. But it wasn’t. And that’s why the maximum mash-up for all geeks trying hard to keep up with the latest hype(s) enters the stage with a noisy, frightening BANG. There are many old sayings perfectly describing this delicate situation: An RSS feed in the aggregator is worth two in a web / A site and its RSS feed are soon parted & Better a big aggregator on a little domain than a little content on many sites. Can you smell where I’m getting at? Indeed: datadirt proudly presents: fourspring.me!

In case you have any questions about this new mash-up (which is so fresh and cool that even TechCrunch hasn’t mentioned it yet) there is a dedicated contact address. I made an old dream come true and got me an e-mail address which is really easy to remember. (if domain.length < 63 chars than domain = NOT):


In case you want an address (as a forward to an existing mailbox), just drop me a message.

Ride the virtual Volkswagen!

When I played my first computer games, screens were generally mono-chromatic. Looking at the small pixel-heaps which were supposed to look like cars (one needed a whole lot of imagination back then!) for too long made one’s head ache, but despite all the limitations, virtual racing was definitely fun. Back then I wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that current F1-simulations are looking more and more like the real thing – and by now even online technologies are offering an nice simulation experience, which VW embraces to fuel up the buzz for the launch of the new Golf GTI.


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Leon, take that break at two

“I got one line on the Sopranos…that makes me more gangster than you!” So Leon take that freaking break. And can anybody please tell why it’s exactly two? This man did thorough research for his one-line appearance, and then he turned his hard work into one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time:

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