Affiliate Butler Review

Affiliate Butler Pro might just become our favorite Auto-Linker Plugin. Here’s my honest review of version 1.0.

Auto linking words on wordpress posts and pages is essential for SEO and affiliate marketing. Is AB up for the job? My honest review of version 1.0: Promising, but there are major issues.

Hey, I love venturing through new and unknown territory! And since I've been looking for a capable auto-linker plugin, buying Affiliate Butler was a no-brainer - especially since Robert Harm recommended his colleague's first WordPress plugin on Codecanyon. This is all quite fresh: Waseem Senjer uploaded the first version on…

Affiliate Butler Auto Linker Plugin

Features - 75%
User Interface - 85%
Uniqueness - 70%
Price - 70%



Promising, but version 1.0 does have some issues.

User Rating: 4.83 ( 2 votes)

WordPress vs. Thesis

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