used to be my favorite web­site for all things Nokia-related. But it seems that Sym­bian 3.0 is going fur­ther down a dead-end road, and even the Guru him­self can’t stand Sym­bian any more. And that’s why he decided to shut the site down and switch to Android. Usu­ally, I’m not a big fan of Ol’Google’s Enter­prises, but in this case I totally agree: Nokia used to be the num­ber one mobile mar­ket mover, but recently they’ve done a ter­ri­ble job. And when I read Guru’s final arti­cle, I real­ized that both our expe­ri­ences with Nokia’s smart­phone flag­ship N97 are fright­en­ingly similar.

Please read the orig­i­nal post­ing — there’s not much more I can add except for this comment:

I own an N97, and it get’s crap­pier with each firmware update. Since the last one, *every sin­gle action* has to be con­firmed twice. (Like: “Do you want to allow *insert-computer-name-here* via Blue­tooth.” User clicks yes. Next step: “Do you want to allow *insert-computer-name-here* via Blue­tooth.” User clicks again. Every sin­gle time. I’d love a third but­ton: Yes/No/F**king yeah, I told you before, stop nag­ging me twice every time!).
The OVI ser­vice is a dis­as­ter as of yet — I mean, the dif­fer­ent parts work fine, but there is no mas­ter plan; even gam­ing isn’t inte­grated. OVI to me seems like one huge roof over a lot of very dif­fer­ent isles.

At the end of his post­ing, Symbian-Guru included a mes­sage to Nokia. I totally agree:

To Nokia, you guys are los­ing. Hard. Wake the hell up. Doing the same thing repeat­edly while expect­ing dif­fer­ent results is the def­i­n­i­tion of insan­ity. I’ve been a huge Nokia fan since my 2nd cell­phone, and I just can’t do it any longer. You guys aren’t com­pet­ing like you once were, and every­one but you seems to see that. You used to build the world’s best smart­phones, the world’s best cam­eras, the world’s best GPS units – you’ve lost pretty much all of that, and with noth­ing to show for it. You unveiled your Ovi vision over 2 years ago – I was there. Today, it’s still a com­plete mess. I have to log in every sin­gle time I visit the site – regard­less of how many times I check the ‘remem­ber me’ box. I spent 6 months (and about 3 hours at Nokia World 2009) try­ing to find some­one to help me with Ovi Con­tacts on the web – no one knew who to point me to. You spent mil­lions of dol­lars pur­chas­ing your Ovi pieces – Ovi Files, Ovi Share, and a host of other lit­tle com­pa­nies – are you proud of what you ‘built’ with them? Most of your own employ­ees (that I’ve talked to) don’t even use them, so why should I?