Many Facebook users have wished for a dislike-button. But the biggest social network on the planet obviously doesn’t want to start click-fights for popularity: “If you love something, like it – if you don’t let it go”. I’ll try a different approach and offer you the full binary options aka the two basic emotions: I encourage all readers to use the new “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” symbols below every single comment to express their opinion:

Comment Rating

Comments which receive many likes are graphically highlighted. I found Comment Rating by Bob King and instantly loved it. After a short test-drive I bought the pro version – actually, I always do when I find useful plugins, whether I need the extra functionality or not. After all, it’s just a nice way of telling a plugin-author that you dig his work.

Comment ratings are more than a nice community gimmick: it’s a great approach for crowd-sourcing comment moderation on popular blogs. Also, the pro version comes with a handy widget which lists the most popular comments. So here’s my message to you, dear reader: don’t keep your opinion to yourself: comment, vote and give me a thumbs-up (or down)!