Beware, April Fool!

Of course Word­Press will con­tinue to “sup­port” the JPEG for­mat; after all, image ren­der­ing is the browser’s job, the CMS is not involved when it comes to the actual ren­der­ing of images. This is my first April fool on my Eng­lish blog. :saint: I’ve been doing this for a while on my Ger­man blog daten­schmutz. Have you spot­ted any april fool post­ings on your favorite blogs? Please leave a com­ment, I’m curious!

Last Week Matt Mul­len­weg announced on his blog, that the upcom­ing Word­Press 3.0 ver­sion drop the sup­port for the JPEG file for­mat. Increas­ing license costs and Microsoft’s announce­ment to include SVG sup­port in Inter­net Explorer 9 were the main rea­sons for this decision:

With the upcom­ing Inter­net Explorer 9 there is no more need for jpg — Microsoft finally embraces the SVG stan­dard, thus help­ing to make the web a much more open place. JPEG does have some advan­tages, but they are sim­ply out-weighed by the license costs.

I guess some blog­gers will be quite sur­prised when they upload a jpg images just to find out that Word­Press 3.0 doesn’t actu­ally ren­der the pic­ture, it just inserts a down­load link (just like when you upload an “unknown” for­mat, for exam­ple an Excel sheet). A step-by-step upgrade tuto­r­ial will be pub­lished on the offi­cial blog tomor­row. One ques­tion yet remains to be answered: how to deal with exist­ing, pub­lished images? It looks as if there’s a lot of work com­ing our way, because prob­a­bly blog­gers must re-upload all the old pic­tures in a dif­fer­ent for­mat one by one. In the long run the Word­Press team never has been wrong, and I guess Matt is right when he argues that it doesn’t really matter:

Try to put your­self in the user’s place: if you use your prob­a­bly pirated copy of Pho­to­shop or your legal copy of Gimp for export­ing your pics into web for­mat, it really doesn’t mat­ter if you choose jpg or png — I expect a smooth transition.

I always found JPEG-artefacts quite weird, so I’m happy about Word­Press get­ting rid of these brown­fields. And even if you don’t a com­puter and update your blog from the inter­net café where they don’t have Pho­to­shop installed, worry not! Word­Press 3.5 comes with a new core-plugin called “trans-imageizer” which will enable blog­gers to con­vert jpg images via a cen­tral­ized Aut­tomatic server dur­ing the upload. I’m look­ing for­ward to the new ver­sion — are you gonna miss JPEG?