Blendtec’s blenders cost a lit­tle for­tune, but we’re more than will­ing to spend an extra mar­ket­ing dol­lar for all the great “Will it blend?” series videos those folks keep deliv­er­ing. They blended hockey pucks, a laser point­ers, Money clips — and above all plenty of Apple prod­ucts. Fol­low­ing in the foot­steps of the iPhone (both 1st edi­tion and 3G) and the iPod, this time the newest geek-gadget aka the iPad under­goes the crush-test. Of course it won’t withstand:

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve seen a lot of seri­ous blend­ing, even parts of a Ford Fiesta got pul­ver­ized. So what’s left out there in the world of pur­pose­ful destruc­tion? (No, it’s not mean­ing­less, as it obvi­ously increases their sales.) There’s one show left I’d love to see: can one Blendtec device blend another Blendtec ten­der? I won’t order two of them just to find out though. Maybe you could, I’m really curious!