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found the per­fect drink for tweet-ups and all kinds of social media gath­er­ings: Foursquare spiced rum is way older than geo-location. The golden-brownish spirit is dis­tilled in Barbados:

Foursquare rum

And this Foursquare is a lot older than the first GPS chip:

Foursquare is the name of the old­est sugar plan­ta­tion (1636) in Bar­ba­dos. It is home to the most advanced Rum Dis­tillery in the world. Foursquare spiced rum is a com­bi­na­tion of rare island spices and spe­cialty aged rum blended in accor­dance with a cen­turies old secret for­mula known only to gen­er­a­tions of the Seale family.

I couldn’t find a home­page of the dis­tillery, but Min­istry­ofRum had some details:

The Foursquare dis­tillery is built on the site of the Foursquare sugar fac­tory which was closed for many years before Richard Seale bought the estate and installed state of the art dis­till­ing equip­ment. A num­ber of inno­va­tions are incor­po­rated into the design in an effort reduce the envi­ron­ment impact of the spir­its dis­tilled here.

Sounds pretty sus­tain­able – and it actu­ally is. The dis­tillery includes a carbon-dioxide fil­ter, a vac­uum dis­tiller which saves a ton of energy and many other environment-friendly gad­gets. I guess our friends from Cuba and Guatemala would not agree though that it’s the “most advanced dis­tillery” – there’s noth­ing like the tra­di­tional “sys­tema sol­era”, a com­plex re-casking-process involv­ing var­i­ous types of barrels.

Even though I’m gen­er­ally not a huge fan of spiced rums, I do like the Foursquare mix­ture: it tastes noth­ing like the heav­ily spiced Cap­tain Mor­gan, the var­i­ous fla­vors keep in the back­ground. Mr. Seale adds no sugar to the 37°-proof mix­ture and achieves a con­vinc­ing result: Foursquare got the sil­ver and bronze medal at the rum-fest 2001 and 2002 (cat­e­gory: spiced and fla­vored rums). Using herbs and fruit extracts is an inter­est­ing way to add com­plex­ity in taste – which usu­ally requires much more time – of course, Foursquare is not com­pa­ra­ble to a 20 year old Mal­teco, but con­sid­er­ing the name I had to give it try. Plus I really like the wax-sealed bot­tle cap with the embed­ded release line (that’s HTML5, right?) Try a shot at the next Bar­camp in Vienna :frog:

Foursquare rum from Barbados