I’m not a big fan of Google in gen­eral: there ser­vices are not that great, but there’s no alter­na­tive. But it reg­u­larly fright­ens me how this machine works. Today, Euro­pean direc­tor Steve Rogers told an Aus­trian news­pa­per: “When a com­pany gets big­ger, it is seen as intrans­par­ent. But we try to be as trans­par­ent as pos­si­ble.” Right after that Mr. Rogers showed what he really means when he answered the next two ques­tions about Google’s sit­u­a­tion in China: “I’m not allowed to com­ment on this.” (Kleine Zeitung, Feb­ru­ary 9th 2010, page 29). Tem­per, temper!

But still, the Super­bowl spot is indeed brilliant:

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