April, 2009

We’re in the middle of a re-vamp here!+

Finally, the new template is finished. So please let me know what you think of it!

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Ripfilms presents: Animal Twitterholics+

What do birds, cows and fish think about micro-blogging? A collabo team lead by ripfilms round the ultimate answer an...

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Oh hi we fixed ur homezpage+

If you have ever wondered if it's okay to use twitter for marketing purposes then this grafic is for you....

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Microblogging-Ad-Time: Magpie sells tweet attention+

Magpie is a highly controversial matter: while some twitterers are happy about a (future) revenue stream, a lot of users...

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My 5.000th twitter follower: Archie!+

I'm very about my 5.000th twitter followers - because Archie is very famous online dog.

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