I started using Fast Blogfinder almost exactly one year ago. And I’ve used this genius dofollow-recherche tool quite intensely as no other SEO soft­ware helps me gen­er­ate hi-quality dofol­low links that fast. (Check my in-depth review). Auto­mated com­ment­ing sys­tem are noth­ing but spam tools — at best, they don’t dam­age your Google rank­ing. FBL how­ever does not post any com­ments, but it’s an effec­tive tool to iden­tify related post­ings in your top­i­cal niche, but the com­ment­ing itself is done man­u­ally. The new ver­sion 3.0 will be avail­able on 10th of Decem­ber and I got some first-hand details.

Also, work­ing with FBL does have some highly wel­come side-effects: I con­stantly dis­cover inter­est­ing post­ings — and every time I run a search I always find a lot of input for my own arti­cles. FBL 2.6 worked very well, but the upcom­ing ver­sion is adding even more pre­ci­sion — and some crowd wisdom:

Fast Blog Finder v3.0 has a new engine which rec­og­nizes new blog plat­forms and finds much more DoFol­low blogs than the ear­lier ver­sion. When devel­op­ing the v3.0 we spent many hours for man­u­ally ver­i­fy­ing hun­dreds of blogs to ensure that the pro­gram deter­mined the blog type cor­rectly.
Despite this, we don’t expect the pro­gram to be 100% accu­rate in ana­lyz­ing the blogs. So, we added the “Report Wrong Blog Type” option to the pro­gram. Using this option you can send us the URL of the blog that was deter­mined incor­rectly by Fast Blog Finder. We’ll check it out and make improve­ments in the pro­gram engine.

Julia did an in-depth com­par­i­son of ver­sion 3 — and the results are very con­vinc­ing. Here’s a screen­shot of the new version:

Fast Blogfinder 3.0 Screenshot

How much does the upgrade cost?

As soon as I twit­tered the news, some of my con­tacts inquired the upgrade-price for exist­ing users. I believe the pric­ing model is really fair:

  • New customers who haven't been using FBL before pay $99 for Fast Blogfinder Version 3.
  • Users who bought their existing license within a 90-day timeframe before the release of the version get the upgrade for free
  • Existing users with an older license pay $25 for the upgrade until Christmas holidays, after that the upgrade costs $44,50.

If you like to try before you buy, down­load the trial ver­sion — but I guess no pro-blogger can afford not to use FBL these days! :mrgreen:

Fast Blogfinder trial ver­sion [*.exe file, 150kB)
Buy Fast Blogfinder (If you buy the cur­rent ver­sion now, you get the update to 3.0 for free next week)