Last week, Guy Kawasaki vis­ited Vienna to give a keynote lec­ture about inno­va­tion and the art of the start. I was the lucky blog­ger who got the chance to inter­view Guy — and I enjoyed the inter­view a lot. Guy has always been a major influ­ence for me, his ideas have inspired me for years. We talked about his impres­sive biog­ra­phy, his Twit­ter strat­egy (Guy has more than 160k Fol­low­ers) and his cur­rent project The com­plete inter­view is 33 min­utes long — I split it into five top­i­cal parts for your view­ing plea­sure. I also edited a full ver­sion, so if you pre­fer to watch one clip, nav­i­gate to the end of this posting.

Part 1: Guy Kawasaki’s Bio and his e-mail inbox

His suc­ces­ful career at Apple where he worked as a tech evan­ge­list made Guy Kawasaki very famous. Few know though that he started his career in the jew­elry busi­ness. In the first part of the inter­view, Guy talks about his biog­ra­phy and he explains how a web celebrity like him deals with tons of e-mails every day. Hint: purge every­thing that’s older than 3 weeks!

Part 2: Guy’s Twit­ter strategy

On Twit­ter, Guy has more than 160.000 fol­low­ers. In the sec­ond part of the inter­view he explains his micro-blogging strat­egy in-depth. For Guy, Twit­ter is one of the best mar­ket­ing chan­nels, and he is putting a lot effort into offer­ing lots of con­tent to cre­ate a vivid envi­ron­ment for his mar­ket­ing messages.

Part 3: Guy Kawasaki about Face­book, Social Traf­fic and Online Rep­u­ta­tion Management

Guy told me that he hon­estly doesn’t under­stand Face­book — in his opin­ion, it’s a place to “pull” peo­ple as opposed to Twit­ter which acts as a “Push” media. In this part we talk about the ben­e­fits of social traf­fic and the two-sided coin called online rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment: Don’t be afraid, use Face­book to cre­ate the image that helps your career!

Part 4: Guy Kawasaki about Alltop cur­rently is Guy’s main project: the RSS site aggre­gates the most pop­u­lar feeds on nearly 2000 top­ics. The site is not meant to serve geeks, but appeals to the main­stream user — Guy explains the con­cept and also has got a few tricks to offer for power-users.

Part 5: Guy Kawasaki about blog­ging and entrepreneurship

In the last part of our talk Guy explains his thoughts about blog­ging and tells the true story of how he left apple and became an entrepreneur.

Full inter­view: Guy Kawasaki on the state of social media

This is the full cut — same con­tent, but edited into one video. If you pre­fer to watch our whole talk in one video, just go with this clip:

What do you think?

Do you agree with Guy? What is your opin­ion about the future of Face­book and Twit­ter? Have you tried All­top? I’m curi­ous about your comments!