The orange-blue fox is our favorite browser, no doubt — and one of the rea­sons is the incred­i­ble num­ber of plug-ins avail­able. In FF-lingo, they’re called “exten­sions” and they cater vir­tu­ally every need: whether it’s a web­mas­ter check­ing his page for errors, a SEO look­ing for those juicy follow-Links or Mr. aver­age surfer look­ing for more com­fort: almost every need is catered. Recently, Mac­Sto­ries has com­piled an inter­est­ing post­ings that saves power-foxers a lot of time.

10 Best Fire­fox Exten­sions, 2009 Edi­tion #1: turn Fire­fox into NOW. is all about exten­sions which make daily web life eas­ier, faster, more effi­cient. Some of them are all about gath­er­ing of addi­tional infor­ma­tion, some of them are about re-grouping con­tents and some dig deep into the code-structure of web­pages. Even though I knew some of those plug-ins, a cou­ple of them were com­pletely new to me.

Some of those exten­sions are Grease­mon­key scripts (in case you haven’t installed Grease­mon­key yet, you should do that right now. It’s a script library which enables users to change var­i­ous behav­iors of web­sites: using Grease­mon­key, one could color Face­book dif­fer­ently but also do a lot of use­ful things like improve the usabil­ity of var­i­ous online services.)

There’s no doubt that there are excel­lent feed exten­sions out there as well, but since I don’t use Fire­fox to man­age my RSS-Setup, I’m not using any of those. When it comes to read­ing news I love SnackR, while I use Snar­fer, an excel­lent choice for deal­ing with large (and I mean: huge) num­bers of feeds, for mon­i­tor­ing purposes.

But all hail to ver­ti­cal brows­ing: I’m a tab addict, and even though I sport a huge mon­i­tor, there’s never enough space for all those tabs. TreeStyleTab is great not only because it puts the tabs in ver­ti­cal order, but it also comes with handy hier­ar­chy– and group­ing func­tions. And for those of you who want to switch tabs in style, FoxTab 1.1.2 raises the eye-candy fac­tor and saves time.

Another great plug-in which I use is the SEO­Moz tool­bar which gath­ers all kinds of marketing-relevant infor­ma­tion. And in case you want to surf along unde­tected from time to time, the Switch Proxy tool comes in handy. Those are my favorites — which exten­sions do you use to pimp your Firefox?