Backlink building with CV-sitesLet’s face the facts that make feeble-minded web­mas­ters cry: divert­ing online ser­vices from their intended use is a vital part of any effec­tive link-building strat­egy. But while almost any self-employed SEO-consultant runs a cou­ple of social net­work pages, curriculum-vitae site are usu­ally left out. But that’s a big mis­take! There are, to be more spe­cific, at least two online curriculum-vitae ser­vices where reg­is­tra­tion pays off if you’re look­ing for a job, but for some juicy backlinks.

Of course these sites try to sat­isfy their tar­geted clien­tele, which means that the actual process of assem­bling your curriculum-vitae is really sim­ple and fast, and both ser­vices are free. Also, this is not a fire-and-forget action: you can log in any time later to expand your curriculum-vitae by adding new para­graphs (and links). In other words: these are two juicy add-ons for your backlink-portfolio.


Domain Pager­ank: 6

Cre­ate, share and store your resume online for free” — and spread your link-love. Emurse is the first choice as every user gets to chose his own sub­do­main. There are no lim­its to your copy-writing skills. The edi­tor uses a spe­cial kind of link syn­tax, which is explained in the help sec­tion. Of course there’s no nofollow-attribute inserted and there is no limit to the num­ber of links (and images) you can include. (But you might want to limit your­self, too many out­go­ing links will decrease the flow of the back­link juice :mrgreen:) And who says that you can only have one curriculum-vitae?


Domain Pager­ank: 6

The sec­ond can­di­date also knows how to make a backlink-builder happy. Assem­bling the pro­file is as easy as one-two-three, the com­fort­able edi­tor even lets you chose title tags for your back­links. All you have to do is some key­word research and some writ­ing and you’re good to go. Don’t for­get to switch the pri­vacy set­ting to “pub­lic” thought.

Doesn’t pay off: Resume­So­cial, Resumbucket

Resume­So­cial has more cat­e­gories than online CVs plus a Pager­ank zero. Resume­bucket gets a wee bit more G-love, but the ghost inside the machine is crip­pling every back­link — even the one to your own blog — with a nofollow-attribute.

Adden­dum: Both pages list the “lat­est CVs” on their home­pages, but it’s still a good idea to set up some back­links point­ing to the new sub­pages. After all, this is not a short-term measure.

If you have any inter­est­ing back­link build­ing secrets to share, I’d be glad to hear about it. And if you’re need a huge bag of nofollow-free back­links, try Fast Blog Finder.