WordPress.tvOne week ago, Automat­tic launched a brand-new WordPress-centered video site: WordPress.tv fea­tures var­i­ous screen casts, pre­sen­ta­tions and tuto­r­ial videos on the world’s lead­ing blog con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem. The avail­able clips are bound to water the mouths of begin­ners and pros, as they range from basic expla­na­tions like “How to post a blog entry” to all the advanced pre­sen­ta­tions held dur­ing last year’s WordCamp.

Keep­ing Automattic’s mis­sion state­ment in mind, this launch is a huge step in my opin­ion — videos and screen casts are extremely help­ful when it comes to under­stand­ing the poten­tial of WordPress:

Blog­ging is too hard. Through Word­Press we?ve enabled mil­lions of peo­ple to effort­lessly pub­lish to the web. Now we want to enable mil­lions more.

Some of my friends didn’t have any pro­gram­ming in mind when they started their blogs. But it seems that sooner or later almost every­one feels the strong urge to start tin­ker­ing with his theme, installing new plu­g­ins and so on. So since the tech­nol­ogy is a part of blog­ging, ease of access is the way to go. Now I’m fully aware of the fact that com­peti­tors like Type­pad take a totally dif­fer­ent approach, but to me fad­ing out the under­ly­ing scripts doesn’t make too much sense in the long run, and this is why I’m very excited about the new video repos­i­tory, espe­cially since there’s much more good­ness to come:

On WordPress.tv, you’ll find tuto­ri­als for both Word­Press self-installs and WordPress.com to help you get blog­ging fast and hassle-free. We?ve kicked things off with the basics ? now you can shape what comes next. Just drop us a line and let us know what you?d like to see added.

There’s a con­tact form for enter­ing your own videos (just take a look at the guide­lines) and a com­ment­ing func­tion. Per­son­ally, I would like to see two new fea­tures added in the near future: a basic edi­to­r­ial “rat­ing” (begin­ner, advanced pro) and a user rat­ing (WP-Rating might do a great job on that). Once again, con­grats to Matt and his team — I’m pos­i­tive that dur­ing the next month a cou­ple of online enter­prises are going to copy WP’s idea and open their own niche-Youtubes. Here’s an inter­view with Matt on the way Aut­tomatic oper­ates — quite inter­est­ing stuff: