6fireAbout two weeks ago I started a blog car­ni­val on the Best and worst gad­get of 2008. Since a cou­ple of blog­gers didn’t yet have time to fin­ish their entries, I’m extend­ing the dead­line: the car­ni­val now ends on the 31st of Jan­u­ary. So if you want to come aboard, you can enter your post­ing until next Sat­ur­day. Obvi­ously, not every­thing that glit­ters is gold — or even sil­ver. But let’s face it: the web 2.0 rev­o­lu­tion has turned us all into beta-testers. But geeks usu­ally love do-it-yourself atti­tudes anyways :mrgreen:

Thanks to every­body who has already entered a post­ing — I’m look­ing for­ward to the rest of the entries, next week I’m going to pub­lish the results. This blog car­ni­val will be held yearly in the month of Jan­u­ary; after all, gad­gets are geeks’ favorite toys. And since first-generation-users are very likely to become beta-testers, there’ll be plenty sto­ries to tell.