I recorded this 1-minute intro­duc­tion video for all my fel­low tweet-geeks: micro blog­ging is great, and it’s even more fun if you can put a face to the name. So this is how datadirt (that would be me) rolls:

I use a cou­ple of mash-ups that put the ease back in twit­ter­ing — the core sys­tem lacks a cou­ple of func­tions which are essen­tial for pro­fes­sional web mar­keters. These are my favorite services:

  • tweetlater.com: Out of town? No net access? Tweetlater lets you schedule your tweets, auto-follow all your new followers and it even enables you to send out a customized direct welcome-messages to them. The Swiss army knife among twitter mash-ups!
  • : Nice service for keeping an overview about what's happening in your followership.
  • Desktop clients: digsby is a multi-protocol chat/social media/e-mail client with twitter integration. Personally, I prefer twhirl: this software is based on Adobe Air and lets you organize your twitter, friendfeed and identi.ca accounts. If you've got enough desktop space, you might want to take a look at TweetDeck: this application not only lets you manage multiple twitter accounts but it also breaks them down into topically organized bits and pieces. On my windows mobile phone I use Tiny Twitter, the best iPhone client is probably Twitterific which costs 15 bucks.
  • Those are just my favorite picks, of course there are tons of other mash-ups: lots of them are listed in this mash-up overview

Do you know any other essen­tial add-ons? Don’t hes­i­tate to leave me a com­ment — or send a direct mes­sage to <a href=“http://twitter.com/datadirtdatadirt via twit­ter. C u soon!