Weekly Blogistan Round-Up no. 47/2008

obamoidaNo more denial, it’s official by now: no more outdoor swimming 2k8, winter has kicked in Vienna. Yesterday, the little white thingie called snow was floating around in the air, which is nice, if you live near the Alps (skiing season!), but which sucks, if you live in Vienna: as soon as the first snow is falling, car-drivers get crazy: no matter if the streets are actually slippery or not.

Seth on Trust: I trust you, says Seth, but if you abuse my trust once, you won’t be part of the inner circle next time. No need to comment on that, expect: full akk:

If I believe I’m talking on the record, to everyone, I need to be a lot more careful in what I type. Of course, there’s no way for me to enforce this. No way for me to sue you or something if you start taking my words (in context or not) and post them here and there. Except for one: I just won’t trust you again.

Craig’s face gets redder: Obviously, Facebook wants to re-furbish its marketplace. Classified are big business, which currently is largely covered by Craigslist, MSN and eBay (via Kijiji). According to TechCrunch, Facebook chose Oodle, who probably won the pitch thanks to their previous field-experience aka Walmart Classifieds – the relaunch will take place in December. If Facebook manages to offer a better product than their competitors, this could mean some big buck: the combination of a social network with a classifieds-system sounds like a very good idea – but obviously, something was missing so far, since the current marketplace is one of the least busy areas in FB-town; let’s see if Oodle will change that.

Monty Python on youtube: No more need to illegally upload MP-sketches: the British comedians are going affirmative and created their very own Channel, which not only features the well-known pieces but also rarities from the vault. I bet fan-numbers will increase rapidly! [via Laughing Squid]

A quantum of what? Glad I don’t have to watch the newest JB movie, as Dan reviewed A Quantum of Solace

All in all, I’m pretty disappointed. Casino Royale was an outstanding debut for Mr. Craig, and Quantum of Solace is a severe letdown, almost to the point of being an embarrassment to the Bond genre. Quantum of Solace is the 22nd Bond film made, and well, Let’s just skip over On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and call 20 out of 22 outstanding pictures.

Video of the week: Nicholas Patten

A couple of month ago, if someone hat asked me what I was using twitter for, my answer would have sounded something like this: “It’s a micro blogging service, and I use it for real-time communication with my friends.” But I would have never expected that twitter soon was to become one of my primary sources for net.music, creative portfolios and artwork – I met an amazing number of extraordinary gentlemen (and ladies, of course). People like Nicholas Patten, who is designing twitter background, snowboards and making remarkable films. His latest flick is called Today is now: impressions from DC, orchestrated by Bonobo’s “Terrap”: enjoy this presence!

So much for this week – time keeps ticking, the Christmas monster is approaching our unprepared poor little online shops rather rapidly. Time to start working with those reindeers. Have a fantastomatic Sunday, looking forward to seeing you next week.

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