obamoidaNo more denial, it’s offi­cial by now: no more out­door swim­ming 2k8, win­ter has kicked in Vienna. Yes­ter­day, the lit­tle white thingie called snow was float­ing around in the air, which is nice, if you live near the Alps (ski­ing sea­son!), but which sucks, if you live in Vienna: as soon as the first snow is falling, car-drivers get crazy: no mat­ter if the streets are actu­ally slip­pery or not.

Seth on Trust: I trust you, says Seth, but if you abuse my trust once, you won’t be part of the inner cir­cle next time. No need to com­ment on that, expect: full akk:

If I believe I’m talk­ing on the record, to every­one, I need to be a lot more care­ful in what I type. Of course, there’s no way for me to enforce this. No way for me to sue you or some­thing if you start tak­ing my words (in con­text or not) and post them here and there. Except for one: I just won’t trust you again.

Craig’s face gets red­der: Obvi­ously, Face­book wants to re-furbish its mar­ket­place. Clas­si­fied are big busi­ness, which cur­rently is largely cov­ered by Craigslist, MSN and eBay (via Kijiji). Accord­ing to TechCrunch, Face­book chose Oodle, who prob­a­bly won the pitch thanks to their pre­vi­ous field-experience aka Wal­mart Clas­si­fieds — the relaunch will take place in Decem­ber. If Face­book man­ages to offer a bet­ter prod­uct than their com­peti­tors, this could mean some big buck: the com­bi­na­tion of a social net­work with a classifieds-system sounds like a very good idea — but obvi­ously, some­thing was miss­ing so far, since the cur­rent mar­ket­place is one of the least busy areas in FB-town; let’s see if Oodle will change that.

Monty Python on youtube: No more need to ille­gally upload MP-sketches: the British come­di­ans are going affir­ma­tive and cre­ated their very own Chan­nel, which not only fea­tures the well-known pieces but also rar­i­ties from the vault. I bet fan-numbers will increase rapidly! [via Laugh­ing Squid]

A quan­tum of what? Glad I don’t have to watch the newest JB movie, as Dan reviewed A Quan­tum of Solace

Video of the week: Nicholas Patten

A cou­ple of month ago, if some­one hat asked me what I was using twit­ter for, my answer would have sounded some­thing like this: “It’s a micro blog­ging ser­vice, and I use it for real-time com­mu­ni­ca­tion with my friends.” But I would have never expected that twit­ter soon was to become one of my pri­mary sources for net.music, cre­ative port­fo­lios and art­work — I met an amaz­ing num­ber of extra­or­di­nary gen­tle­men (and ladies, of course). Peo­ple like Nicholas Pat­ten, who is design­ing twit­ter back­ground, snow­boards and mak­ing remark­able films. His lat­est flick is called Today is now: impres­sions from DC, orches­trated by Bonobo’s “Ter­rap”: enjoy this presence!

So much for this week — time keeps tick­ing, the Christ­mas mon­ster is approach­ing our unpre­pared poor lit­tle online shops rather rapidly. Time to start work­ing with those rein­deers. Have a fan­tas­tom­atic Sun­day, look­ing for­ward to see­ing you next week.

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